How to Delete Sugar Daddie Account

delete account

Even though is a top sugar daddy website in Australia, there may still be reasons why an individual may want to delete sugardaddie account. The first obvious reason is that the individual may have found their sugar baby or sugar daddy, therefore no longer wished to maintain his or her membership with the website.

There are two ways that can be used for a person who may want to delete sugardaddie account.


Users can simply go to the email address you used to register for the account and compose an email addressed to It is advisable to use the words "delete my account" in the subject line.

ln the message section, users can provide various reasons as to why they would like to terminate their membership with the website. takes a maximum of 72 hours to respond to email inquiries.

Deleting SugarDaddie Account from Your Computer

The second method requires users to follow a series of five steps. First, one should open the website and sign into their account. Users should then go to the settings section found in the upper right corner. Users should then select the "cancel" tab and click on the "permanently cancel account" button. The final step involves telling them the reason for canceling the membership and then simply hitting the"cancel account" button. After, the user should be notified that his or her account has been permanently deleted.

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