Funny Sugar Daddy Relationship Stories

sugar daddy stories in australia

Have you ever wished to get a sugar daddy in Australia? Have you wondered how it would feel like to have one? And can they change your life instantly? Do you know the benefits fo being a sugar baby? I don't know about the first two, but yes they can change your life instantly. Just like their name suggests, they are sweet men with sweet money. They will do everything for you including taking care of you, pampering you with expensive precious gifts and making sure that you never lack anything. Most of them are men pursuing very successful carriers with prestigious lives. These men already have what every human being would want, what they just want is a lovely lady by their side. Below are some of the funniest sugar daddy stories in Melbourne Australia.

Meet Eva, the unapologetic sugar baby who used to receive a whooping 800dollars a week.

Eva a student who is about to complete her studies started seeing her sugar daddy a while back. They used to be in a long distance relationship. Yes, used to, until the sugar daddy threw in the question of marriage to the witty young Eva, whom by then wanted to focus on her studies. They would contact each other using the social media where they would set up meeting dates. The sugar daddy was very generous; he would carter for any trips and accommodations whenever they planned to meet. The 800dollars a week is just her upkeep money. Eva even refers to him as her partner, that's how far they had gone, but it was not far enough to throw in the marriage idea. Eva says she loved the life and that Sugar babies should not be criticized. Beyond the expensive gifts, cool Gucci shoes and expensive all paid for trips to Ibiza; there is the humble young woman trying to make herself worthy, paying her humble school fees. It seems that just like the all-inclusive trips her sugar daddy had paid for, the sugar daddy also wanted an all-inclusive relationship. The millionaire would say, "This is who I am, this is how I live, I also want you to live like this."

LOLA the sugar baby who was paid $75000 a year.

This Curtin university student received $75000 a year for just making an arrangement with her 51year old boyfriend. Fancy right? Yeah, the only thing she had to do is anything her boyfriend wanted. She says that the reason for a seeking such an arrangement is so that you can get something from it. The sugar baby gets paid for offering her love and companionship services to a much older man. And the man pays for the services. Lola says that you shouldn't be doing it in the first place if you are sure you will hold out.

Ms. Play, the sugar baby who saved enough to buy herself an apartment.

Ms. Play is a Sugar baby like no other, she is bold bright and beautiful. She has been dating sugar daddies for quite a while now, and she has indeed come from rags to riches. This young law student used to work at KFC where she would earn meager cash that wasn't enough to get her everything she wanted. Jokingly, her friend told her about a sugar daddy website. She signed up, and in no time she had her first sugar daddy who was in his late 30s and wanted a companion. The man had just divorced so he needed someone he would take out for movies or dinner. What made Ms. Play leave her first sugar daddy who used to shower her with 500dolllars weekly was a simple fact that he didn't want a sexual relationship. Despite this being a generous offer as most ladies would put it, to Ms. Play it was a rather bogus one. According to Miss Play, it's either you get it all, or you get none. She ended up living her first sugar daddy to her current sugar daddy. Her current sugar daddy is a big deal. The 32year old man showers his sugar baby with amazing gifts and expensive dinner dates. She even has a car, and she has saved enough for an apartment.

These are some of the sugar daddy stories that are fun to look at. So many young, ambitious university student have decided to enjoy their dream lives early enough by getting these young men who can dish out a couple of dollars just to have fun. When entering such kind of an arrangement, you should be ready to go out and enjoy while giving your all.


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