Is Having a Sugar Daddy Illegal in Australia

having sugar daddy australia

The idea of having a sugar daddy originates from financial needs. A sugar daddy is a person who is providing money and other gifts in exchange for a romantic relationship. Normally they are of, considerably, an older age in the society and are rich. In Australia, you will find them in prominent places such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

The parties involved seek mutual arrangements and usually attend social functions together. Their arrangement is much different from prostitution because prostitution mainly revolves around sex for money but in this sugar daddy and sugar babe arrangement, it is much more than sex.

With regards legality of the matter, one must consider the age of the parties involved. Much weight is thrown to the age of the lady. If is past the teenage age, then this does not fall into an illegal activity. Should it happen that the lady is classified as a minor, it will mean that she is being exposed to sexual content if it so happens to be involved in the relationship, which is illegal.

The legality or illegality of the matter may also occur if it is a forced arrangement. A sugar daddy relationship is one seeking mutual relationship hence every partner should agree to it. If the sugar babe feels forced into the relationship and reports the matter to the authorities, it will be classified as illegal.

There are sugar daddy sites in Australia and is one of them. This site has branded itself as the place for sugar daddies to meet sugar babies who would like to have a nice time. This platform has approximately 193000 members. This abstractly shows how the number of people who involve in the sugar relationships is big. Most of the sugar babies in this relationships are students at universities and colleges. The study shows that most of the proceeds from these sugar relationships are used to foot bills and school fees. In my view, if using the money got from such mutual agreements for this purpose, then having a sugar daddy is not illegal.

Sugar daddy relationships are becoming more accepted hence gaining prominence in recent days. If it is gaining acceptability then I don't see it being illegal. A sugar relationship should not be one that is exploiting the lady. If does so then it becomes illegal.,, are among the common sugar daddy sites in Australia. AlIl this sites also have a sugar daddy app. Other than these applications, there is also Sudy, which is ranked the best sugar daddy app.

ln conclusion, I don't believe if having a sugar daddy is illegal, provided it does not deprive any one's right.


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