How Do I Spot Fake Sugar Daddy

how to spot fake sugar daddy

Having a sugar daddy or being a sugar baby in Australia is legal. Although most of sugar daddies you spot on sugar daddy dating websites are genuinely looking for a companion, some are fake and are out there looking for someone to scam by pretending to be real and authentic. If you're looking for a sugar daddy in Australia then is important to beware of fake ones out there. This article points out a few easy ways on how to spot fake sugar daddy.

He offers to give you anything you want

It's so obvious that human wants are unlimited and someone who promises that he can give you anything you want should definitely give you a red flag about the person whether you're in Australia or not. Although you can make money by having a sugar daddy, the reasons for getting a sugar daddy goes beyond just money talk only hence you should always be vigilant with such sugar daddies who want to offer whatever you anything you might want.

They only talk about sex

Do sugar babies have to sleep with sugar daddies?

It's good to know that having a sugar daddy does not always mean you've to be intimate or have sex. If the sugar daddy you find is always talking about sex during the initial stages of getting to know each other that means he's only there for sex and he can probably disappear after getting what he wants. In Australia, you might easily meet such a person, therefore, it's always to be careful about who you entertain.

If he requests you to send him nude videos/pictures

This is definitely one clear way to tell that the prospective sugar daddy is a scam. Even though sex might be a part of a sugar daddy relationship, asking for nudes before you even schedule the first date is enough proof that the person is not looking for a genuine sugar relationship. Australia sugar daddies are known for asking nudes from sugar babies to post on pornography websites which can be very shameful if your picture/video ends up there.

They do not want to meet you

Often, fake sugar daddies in Australia will always have fake excuses for not being able to meet you. They always have tendencies of canceling dates on the last minute arguing that something came up and caused the inconvenience which is an obviously a lie. If your prospective sugar daddy cancels a date at least two times in a row or rather gives other excuses of not meeting up with you when you're dealing with a fake one.

If he asks you to meet at their preference location

There have been cases of sugar babies getting kidnapped by fake sugar daddies in Australia therefore if your sugar daddy requests you to meet in their undisclosed private location you should always be careful and vigilant. If the prospective sugar daddy is a gentleman and a genuine person he should always understand when you ask him to meet you at your preferred location. This is always a wise move for your safety purposes which makes a lot of sense because he could be one of those kidnappers.

As a sugar baby in living in Australia, what I can advice other sugar babies out there is to always to be vigilant with these relationships because there are lot lions out here covering themselves with sheepskin. People will always pretend to be who they are not just to satisfy their hidden interests and agendas. Although a sugar daddy relationship is not always based on money, real and genuine sugar daddies out there mostly do not care or mind about how much money they have to spend on you during the entire relationship as long as the relationship is healthy.

A fake sugar daddy is always easy to spot from their actions. This article has clearly explained some of the best ways to point out a scam in sugar daddy websites however it's upon you to do prior research to prove the facts. It's always wise to ask for proves to back up their statements whenever you detect a lie before trusting anyone. For instance, if you need money, a successful sugar daddy cannot outright refuse to talk about his wealth and success to assure you that money is not a problem with him. If you don't want to be harassed by fake sugar daddies, then you should join the best Australian sugar daddy sites.


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