Is Being a Sugar Baby Illegal in Australia

sugar baby australia

Sugar baby Australia is a name that is being taken up by many young ladies in the country. Sugar babies from all over the country including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and other parts are getting into the world of dating Australian sugar daddies who are mature in love and wealth. But is this practice legal?

ln order to understand this, we need to define the two people involved in the sugar relationship. A sugar daddy is a man who offers financial and material support to a young companion. A sugar baby is a young woman who gets into a relationship with a sugar daddy who can cater for all her financial needs, they earn money from sugar daddy. As you can see from these definitions, there is no wrong or illegal intent from either party. The sugar relationship is based on mutual understanding and the purpose of each party is clearly established before the relationship begins.

Many sugar daddy sites are dating websites except that they cater to the unconventional population that is looking for more in a relationship. The sugar baby wants financial support while the sugar daddy wants the companionship of a young and beautiful lady. These sites are actually legal because they promote dating. However, when the website is promoting prostitution then it becomes illegal. Prostitution is termed the exchange of sexual favors for money whereas sugar daddy and baby dating promote the building of relationships that provide each party involved with what they need.

Being a sugar baby Australia is indeed legal but the terms of the relationship have to be established. If it is all about sexual favors then this can be termed as prostitution but if it is about more than that then it is a mutual relationship that is healthy and legal. You can view being a sugar baby like any other job that pays well. Your task is to be a friend and companion to the person paying you for the services. The truth is that sugar dating will almost always involve sex from time to time but it is usually much more than that.

How can you ensure that you are a sugar baby Australia that s doing a legal activity? This starts with the sugar daddy app or website you use to find sugar daddies. Choose a website that is all about sugar daddy dating while avoiding escort services. There are many such websites and apps that are available in Australia. When choosing, it is important to ensure that the platform you settle for has members who know why they are there. If most members are after sex for money. you should keep away from the site. Choose one whose members are interested in building relationships.

When finding the perfect sugar daddy on the site or app of your choice, ensure that you state what you want very early on. Tell them that you want to provide companionship; not just sex and if they agree you could push the relationship further. Keep away from the people who just see you as a sex toy to them. The perfect sugar daddy will make you feel appreciated and loved for loving them and being there for them. There is nothing illegal in that!


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