How to Transfer Your Sugar

transfer sugar

Now, are you wondering about easy, comfortable and most important safe ways to transfer your sugar? Actually, you have a variety of choices to pay. Only you have to decide on the most suitable for you.


If you want to keep your data secret, PayPal may be the best choice for you. All you need is an email address with an alias and the email address of the other person. When you want to send money, it would be simply through the e-mail with no need to show your identity. If you are familiar with the social media, PayPal offers you an app to send money through Facebook. Google Wallet is an alternative that works in a similar way.


It is a top easy way for those more modern Sugar Daddies. It is a simple app allows you to send money to anybody through their phone number. Since you probably already have your Baby's phone number, it would be a great way to make her a pleasant surprise. Also, paying from a bank account or debit card is for free. You can make use of this.

Gift Cards

Maybe money is not the main target of your Baby. Maybe she wants you to treat her in a more special way. If so, gift cards like Whole Foods and Target would be great alternatives. Let your Sugar Baby enjoy a wonderful shopping day. Surely she would appreciate that.

Direct Deposit

For traditional Daddies, it is the easiest, simplest and most preferred way to send money. This method requires sharing bank information so there must be some trust between you. If your Sugar Baby receives money regularly every week or every month, you can set an automatic transfer. This way, you do not have to keep it in your mind anymore. It may take some time to get the money in your Baby's account.

Square Reader

With this credit card reader, transferring money would be very simple as you are together. Also, it may seem like a transaction, this way is very easy, comfortable and simple. New generations of square readers now use a strong security system to keep your credit data safe.


For those Daddies who want to keep it secret, this is the most direct way. It needs no personal information and preferred by almost all Sugar Babies with no more effort or time to pay.

All are possible ways to send your sugar. All you have to do is to choose something suitable that you can be familiar with. Remember that you have to stay generous in order to stay sugary. A good allowance is a good sugaring. Also, you have to make your information safe. Yes, sugaring is enjoyable and fun but make sure not to make it dangerous. Happy sugaring and try to use wisely.


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