What Sugar Daddies Want

what sugar daddies want

With the current state of things financially for young Australian women, is it any wonder many of them are looking to create a mutually beneficial relationship with an older, well to do man. But just who are these wealthy, successful sugar daddies helping these cash-strapped women through college in exchange for companionship and what is it they want exactly? In short, they’re seeking someone who is young, energetic, independent, goal-orientated, and discrete.

While these men are older and often extremely busy with work, that doesn’t mean they don’t want someone who is fun and energetic to pal around with when the working day is done. While stereotypes abound of the beauty standards for a sugar baby, often men are more interested in the inner beauty and personality of a woman. Most sugar daddies you will meet are extraordinarily busy. The Australian ones are not excluded; they are always working for the money they are willing to spend on you so interacting with them needs a sort of mature professionalism. However, many Australian sugar daddies are courteous, diligent, and happy to spend a bit of extra cash on their sugar babies as this is most important ever to a number of people.

It’s important that you are willing to give your sugar daddy space, be prepared for him to be focused on career or other aspects of his life, this will also give you a chance to focus on your goals, whether that I school, your own career or an artistic endeavor. Being needy can sour any relationship quickly. Being self-reliant and goal-orientated is an extremely attractive trait in a sugar baby.

One of the most important aspects of this type of relationship is discretion. It is important that you respect the level of privacy your sugar daddy wants in the relationship. He may not be particularly into public displays of affection or sharing posts or pictures on social media. It’s important to check in on these issues.

While information on just how many men in Australia are in these relationships is difficult to pin down, the websites that people are signed up online for looking for these type of relationship are telling in their numbers. Friends with benefits other arrangements have quickly become the preferred choice for many dating Australians. Dating a sugar daddy can provide a specific opportunity for a man and a woman where they can have a mutually beneficial relationship without having to worry about commitment.


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