Why College Girls Want to Be a Sugar Baby

why college girls want to be a sugar baby

Many college students in Australia are engaging in sugar daddy/baby relationships. It has become an easy way to pay off the student debt rather than looking for part time jobs and earn extra money for their expenses. By becoming a sugar baby she will be paid money as long as they stay in this relationship. Rich men and women search for young and attractive sugar babies through the internet by signing up in various Australian sugar daddy dating sites or uploading sugar baby daddy app. Apart from debts from college loans, there are other reasons why college girls are becoming college sugar baby:

Exploring another kind of relationships

Sugar baby/daddy relationship is very different from the normal boyfriend/girlfriend relationship because both parties know exactly is involved in the union. College sugar babies are young. adventurous and are not willing to be restricted to a serious relationship with bad breakups better still you can quit the relationship whenever you want to. Dating with college sugar babies need some tips.

Living luxuriously

According to an article in daily mail of Australia, a college sugar baby earns an allowance of up to 1000$ per month with added advantages like extravagant dinners, five-star hotels, and even yacht sailing. There is a story of a student from Brisbane, Olivia, 21-year-old who studies at the University of Queensland who offers her companionship in exchange for money and she says after she signed up, she was able to cover all her expenses and save for a property.


Just like Olivia, who first of all joined this kind of dating out of curiosity to date older men rather than for money. And as I said, young men and women are adventurous and would want to engage in this relationship out of pure curiosity.

Peer pressure

This mostly happens in colleges where the most student would want to keep up with the standards of their peers. if they can't match up with their lifestyle they end up looking for a financial backup.

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